Messing around on my dad’s tablet lawl what

it has been a while + I gave up a bit hmm

maybe I’ll tidy this up

new avatar!

personality swap??? /arrests self

oh I made myself sad

Ok story time

Last night I had a dream where Terezi and Dave were going to a wedding and when Terezi was asked what she was going to wear Dave interjected with “shes going to wear that dumb dragon dress ofc” and Terezi was like “WH4T DO YOU M3AN ‘OF COURS3’?” and Dave was like “are you kidding its like the only goddamn dress you own” and they proceeded to have an argument about this and then on the day of the wedding Terezi turns up wearing this

So I think that’s an accurate representation of their dynamic really 

fabulous badass zombie killing

they only have 1 leg each 


my magum opus

PJatO au??